Locating used auto parts is always a interesting hunt. Some people are really you know. I have a lot of expertise in doing this, but for my experience, depending upon what you’re, trying to locate, probably your local Riki yard would be your first choice.

If it’s, a fairly recent model vehicle, most wrecking yards, only really specialize in parts that are from vehicles, probably no older than 15 years old, and that may be pushing it in some instances. Wrecking yards also have a parts locating service.

So you could go to one wrecking yard and tell them what you’re interested in finding and they can go on their hotline and actually find that part. For you. Other ways to to find used. Auto parts would be to go to publications like Hemmings Motor News, old cars weekly, your local recycler Pennysaver, even going online.

Some of the websites will also indicate that eBay is also another good source of used auto parts. But again you do have to beware: it’s. Pretty much! Buyer! Beware! Sometimes, especially when you’re buying from out of state people.

Will you know not really give you a good description of the condition of the part that you that you really want to acquire, so you should know who your buyer is and be. You know careful about that and make sure that you can return.

The part at least have good information has to who the buyer is, what their address is. Can you get in touch with them and especially on eBay? You actually have a valuation of the seller there. So that gives you some protection.